Doro, the global leader in the senior mobile phone market, today unveils the Doro 8040: an intuitive smartphone with built-in access for friends and family.

In addition to the usual Doro features appreciated by seniors, such as loud and clear sound, adjustable text size, an intuitive interface and assistance button, owners can make the Doro 8040 accessible to friends and family through the web portal: is a convenient web service with TeamViewer integration that makes owning a Doro phone even simpler. It guides the user through processes including adjusting settings, adding contacts, locating the device if lost, making it ring or locking it. With the owner’s knowledge and permission, friends and family can also log-in to the device remotely to provide assistance should they need to. 

Doro research has found that one in four (29 per cent) seniors fear being a burden to family when asking for help with communication technology. In launching the Doro 8040, Doro is addressing this concern whilst building confidence in the user. The ability for friends and family to seamlessly integrate with the owner’s phone will allow them to get started with their device more easily and stay in contact with loved ones.
Doro 8040Doro 8040 cradle

The default user interface itself is action-based, featuring commands that take the user step by step through the task they want to complete. For instance to send an item, the device will ask the user what it is they want to send, to whom, and how they want to send it – whether by SMS or email. The physical design of the Doro 8040 has also been upgraded from the Doro 8030; it is much sleeker, with a sunken 5” screen to protect it from becoming scratched whilst on the move, and a soft-touch back coating that avoids the device slipping out of grip. It also features redesigned physical keys to make it easier to navigate the interface.

In offering a dual interface, the 8040 caters both for customers that are unfamilar with smartphone technology, but also those who are used to a standard smartphone interface but want to take advantage of Doro’s key DNA features alongside the new Enhanced Mode. Enhanced Mode features large and clear icons, customisable shortcuts and widgets and a vertical menu navigation more similar to typical Android interfaces.

Robert Puskaric, CEO of Doro Group, comments: “With the full integration of our web-based portal,, we have addressed the needs of the senior and taken the device to the next level.  It will change the way seniors interact and connect with loved ones. The Doro 8040 is our best smartphone yet; truly and fully adapted for the user.”

Peter Marsden, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Doro, says: “The 8040 is the first Doro smartphone that caters both for those that are unfamiliar with smartphone technology, and those who have used smartphones in the past but are keen to take advantage of Doro’s renowned DNA features – all thanks to the Enhanced Mode. Now, seniors with smartphone experience can enjoy loud and clear sound and easy to see icons through a multi-faceted interface. This is an important upgrade from the Doro 8030 and an exciting addition to our product portfolio.”


The Doro 8040 with Enhanced Mode will be available in the UK and Ireland in November with selected partners.

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