My Doro Manager

- the app that makes smartphones easy for everyone

Doro liberto 820 displaying My Doro Manager

My Doro Manager is an app that comes pre-installed on Doro´s new smartphones and can also be downloaded by friends or relatives. It provides smart tutorials showing how to best enjoy the Doro smartphone as well as the possibility for trusted contacts to provide remote assistance.


Android : Téléchargez My Doro Manager

“There, I just added the number to your contacts“

This convenient app enables remote management by trusted relatives and friends. Use it to easily manage contacts, reminders, settings and more.


“And remember to look at the photos and try that app that I just sent you!”

With My Doro Manager not only can you easily share photos, but also recommend and share apps - a unique feature!

“My Doro Manager makes staying connected easier."