Smart protective pouch
Enjoy a little luxury and protect your clamshell or bar style Doro mobile phone against knocks, bumps and scratches with a trendy pouch that's both smart looking and smart to use.
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Specifications for Pouch (SMALL) Doro feature phones

+ Expand All
Handset size (mm) <102x52x23
Tutorials and manuals

Manual for Pouch (SMALL) Doro feature phones

This accessory pouch for smaller clamshell and bar style Doro mobiles lets you indulge in a little luxury and protect your phone at the same time. The soft interior keeps your phone well protected whilst the elegant exterior delights you with its stylish look and feel. And when you need to make or take a call, simply pull the clever easy-out strap to easily remove the phone from the pouch.
  • Attractive look and feel
  • Effortless removal of phone
  • Protects both screen and back of phone

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